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Positive Attitudes About Myself (P.A.A.M) Seminars

11 Nov

You Are Free Indeed

P.A.A.M Seminars was started to connect women as they journey through life. From one passage to another, as women, we learn about God’s love, forgiveness, sacrifice and His gift of eternal life.  Then, together as a team, we can become stronger through God’s Holy Word (the Bible), stronger in our faith, and stronger in our beliefs.  Together we can learn to love not just others, but ourselves and discover the joy of a peaceful heart through Christ Jesus, our Savior.  I look forward to this journey with you.  Contact me today at:

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Have You Ever Wondered?

11 Nov

Have you ever wondered “why things happen to you?”  Ever felt that “when you get everything together, it all falls apart?”  Questioned how “anyone who really knows you could possibly love you?”  Do others think your life is “great”, yet there are “thing that you don’t want anyone to know?”  Then  the P.A.A.M. Seminars are for you.  It’s not about what you do or what you have done, it’s about what Jesus did for you! 

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