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Proverbs 14:1

24 Jun

“Every wise woman builds her house,  But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.”

If you’re going to hang out in a frog pond, you’d best learn to like bugs!

Many times, we go looking for something better… a better job, a more exciting life, a bigger boat, a fancier home, a different relationship.  We go looking for something different, something better…but what we don’t realize is that something better comes from inside of us.  If you want to find a prince, you must become a princess.  A better job goes to a better employee.  A happy home is built by a happy couple.  Finding love is the reward for giving love.  A better marriage comes in being a better spouse.  What you need, you have already been given.

A God centered marriage, cannot fail.  If your every move and your every thought is in pleasing God, then you will also please each other.

A self centered marriage, is destined to be full of strife.  If your every move and his every move is to please only yourselves then you will not truly be happy, since you can not find happiness in selfish ways.  Nothing will ever be enough.

Be wise, build your house on God’s foundation and don’t let foolishness destroy your good works.  Ask God to keep your home strong and your steps straight, that you might know the blessings of the Godly home you are building.

Have a blessed week.    Thelma



Philemon 21… A Father’s Day thought

17 Jun

“I know you well enough to know you will. You’ll probably go far beyond what I’ve written.”  …The Message.

What child does not want to know that their father believes in them?  The most powerful words that can be said to a child is:  “I believe in you.”   When they come for advice or even when they have disappointed you, do you look in their eyes and say, “I believe in you,” or  “I know you can do better, because I believe in you,” or  “I know you and I believe in who you are.”

These are the words that our Heavenly Father tells us over and over in the scriptures.  He loves us, no matter what.  He wants us to have all the wonderful things that He has set before us.  He leads us,  teaches us and lights our way.  He wants us to believe in ourselves.  This is what we should be telling our kids.

We teach not by what we say, but by how we live.  Their view of God is directly related to our actions.   How we are as parents is how they picture God as our Heavenly Father.

Fathers (and mothers) ask yourselves, when your children watch you, how do they view God?

Good Job!  Happy Father’s Day!



1 Peter 1:8-9

10 Jun

“whom having not seen you love.  Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory receiving the end of your faith – the salvation of your souls.”

The weather outside is frightful…wait that’s a Christmas song and it’s June, I think.  Are you feeling the ‘downs’ that come with day after day of rain and clouds?  I have so waited for spring, summer and sunshine, but it just doesn’t want to come.  Sometimes we see a glimps of the sun, but then it clouds up and rains…and what is this 45 degrees?

Life can seem like that, too.  Sometimes we just need a break.  We keep looking forward to good times and things going our way, but we just seem to get one bad thing after another.  We feel like we just can’t take anymore, then a small break of sunshine and we gather up our hopes and begin to feel better, only to wake up to rain the next morning.

Today as I looked at the sky, searching for just a brief glimpse of sunlight, I saw the clouds  part slightly to reveal a tiny piece of beautiful blue sky.  Then it hit me…  I love it when you’re in an airplane and you break through the clouds, everywhere you look there is blue sky.  If you look down you can see the thunderclouds rolling beneath you, and you know that the people below the clouds are seeing only the rain and the dark clouds, but you see the blue sky and you remember that it is always there. 

For those who know Christ, it is the same, the sky above the clouds is always blue.  The Son is always shining!  Even in the middle of a dark and fierce storm, there is blue sky above!  That’s the difference, that’s what gives us hope and a future, we know and understand that there is something better, just above us.  When we look up, we know there is blue sky above the storm… 

If you haven’t experienced the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ,  call out to Him…seek His face and let Him  fill you with His peace and joy.  Accept His unconditional grace, and allow Him to make you new and alive.  Hang in there, the Son is shining, we just need to believe in what we can not see, but what we know and understand to be true.  Believe in the blue sky just waiting to open up for us.

Have a blessed and sunny week.  The Son’s so bright, you’re gonna want Son-glasses.   Thelma



Exerpts from: I Kissed A Frog And He Changed Me! by T. Leone

03 Jun

Secrets…how could honesty have changed my life?  Had I been totally honest and shared not only what happened, but my innocent misconceptions; someone might have corrected my thinking.  Then, maybe, I would still have believed in my goodness and that I was worthy of being loved in the future.  That thought, that I was still worthy, would have led to many different decisions.  Even today, I struggle to keep a positive attitude about the role of sex in a healthy marriage relationship.  It’s my daily prayer…not my new secret!

The problem with emotional pain, the type of pain that haunts your every thought, is that there are no pills or shots that can help you get over it.  Most of us think that if we just ‘ride it out’ or ‘give it time’ it will go away.  It does not.  When our emotions are involved, our thinking can become clouded.  Then begins the emotional roller coaster that never stops.


Cinderella is getting ready for the biggest event of her life and the stepsisters are tearing at her dress and stealing her necklace.  They destroy her hope for going to the ball and leave her in shambles, then go off to enjoy their evening and live their dreams.  She runs away trying to hide her tears, believing her dreams are shattered, when suddenly appears her Fairy Godmother excited to show her how beautiful she is, put her outfit back together and restore the dream.

 “As a vulnerable young teenager, it’s easy to look around and feel that no one loves you, no one cares about your life and realize that you don’t care anymore either, so you find a place where you can hide.  This becomes your new reality and it’s filled with anger and resentment.  You don’t care, or at least that’s what you tell yourself.  You bury the things you know are good and you replace them with things you know are not.  It’s at this moment, you need a Fairy Godmother, but since that’s only in a fairy tale, you just accept your fate and live in this new reality.”


As we speed towards home, I relax into my seat.  The sun feels warm as it beats through the windshield.  My eyes close and for a moment there is only silence.

Doug breaks the silence,  “Today’s been good for me, too.  I’m beginning to understand far more than before.  I think you’ve discovered so many things, or at least you have sorted through them and put them in their proper places.”

“You’re right, Hon.  I know it isn’t about the rape or Bill’s infidelity, it’s that I allowed the things done to me, to change me.  I took what was actually their shame and allowed it to be reflected on me.  So many women, and even some men, do the same thing.  I allowed the pain to give me a reason, a justification, for my own sinful thoughts and actions.  Instead of being better I let the painful emotions make me worse.  What I didn’t want to admit was that I was better than that and denying my goodness, I turned it into a way to punish myself.  All the time, Christ was pointing to the cross where he had already cleansed my brokenness and yearned for me to understand and accept His forgiveness.”

I’m beginning to feel a peacefulness surge through my body.  All the memories and thoughts, all the talking and sharing has opened my mind and my heart to free the guilt and shame of the past and receive the healing power of God’s grace.


Pausing for a moment, my mind wanders through my fairy tale.

 When the prince finds the slipper, he has hope of finding his princess.  When the princess hears that someone has arrived with the lost slipper, she has hope that her secret will be revealed and she will live happily ever after.  Then she’s locked in her room and everything seems hopeless.  What does she do?  She doesn’t sit back and feel sorry for herself, like so many of us might.  She gathers her friends, even if they are pests, and sets about to escape from her prison.  Finally when she comes running down the stairs, she sees the slipper fly through the air, her heart stops in case the slipper breaks and her secret will never be discovered.  It doesn’t in the fairy tale…but in life…sometimes it shatters.

 “What I discovered today, and what I so desperately wish I had known and what I want to share with others, is that life isn’t about the things that happen to you or the people that do them.  It’s about what it does to you.  It isn’t even always, about how you react.  It’s more how it changes you.  The true message of grace is that: 

It’s not about what we’ve done or what was done to us,  it’s about what Jesus did for us!