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Do you know the wrong Jesus or the real Jesus? John 14:6

24 Mar

As we approach the Easter season, ask yourself this question.  When I talk about Jesus, do I really know the real Jesus or a false Jesus?  Jeff spoke today about both, and when I heard him speak, I thought this is the real question we need to ask ourselves.   John 14:6 “…no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

This is the time of jubilation, the time of grace.  Jesus came to set us free.  Free from the old ways of religion.

He is not a ‘stereo-type’ Jesus.  He’s not who or whatever you want Him to be.

He is not a ‘whatever makes you happy’ Jesus.   It’s His will, His truth, not yours.

He is not a ‘give you anything you WANT’ Jesus.   He won’t grant your every human desire.

He is not a ‘knowledge only’ Jesus.    His teachings require practice not just knowledge.

He is not an Old Testament Jesus.   He is not mad at you because you got a divorce, or you have a bad habit, or you’ve made mistakes and wrong choices…He is not the Jesus that punishes you…HE DIED FOR YOU!

He is the Jesus who wants to become part of you and walk with you as you face life’s ups and downs.  To support and love you through every moment of every day.  To give you grace.   He is our Savior.  He gave His life for us, then overcame death so that we might live forever in Him.  Is this the Jesus you worship?

I’d love to hear your comments.  Think on these things.

Have a blessed week.  Hugs  Thelma





The Mercy of God

17 Mar

Jesus believed in every possibility.  He preached possibilities:

  • Man can be born again!
  • Character can be changed!
  • You can become a new person!
  • Life can be beautiful!
  • There is a solution to every problem
  • There is a light behind every shadow.


He became angry only with religious people who made people feel they were miserable, guilty sinners.

Jesus rushed to build, in the worst of sinners, a belief that they could be saved for inspiring service!

He proclaimed the greatest possibility:  The immeasurable mercy of God.

Imagine what possibilities for exciting living this opens up to you!

“All things are possible to him who believes”  Mark 9:23

What possibilities will you ask God to open for you this week?

Hugs,  Thelma