How to Keep Your Heart HAPPY – in everything.

24 Nov

How do you deal with life when you find out your husband is having an affair?  How do you deal with life when your child is addicted to drugs?  How do you deal with cancer in your body?  How do you deal with losing your spouse?  How do you deal with losing your job?  How can your heart ever be happy again?

Sometimes our heart just springs a leak!  Sometimes life dishes out more than we think we can handle.  Fear is the greatest reason we lose our joy.  You have God’s grace but because it is a gift of faith, you must trust Him.  Learn the FIVE ways that Jesus guarantees you a happy heart, always.

Philippians 2: 12-18  …

1.  Remember that God is with you, in you and for you!

2.  Be grateful, don’t grumble!   (Read Matthew 12:36)

3.  Keep your conscience clear!  You can’t be happy when you are filled with guilt or shame.

4.  Learn and Live God’s Word!  Change the way you think.

5.  Use your life to serve God by serving others!  Miserable comes from the word miser.

Everytime your life isn’t what you had hoped it would be, in every situation, ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”   Follow God’s Five step plan and you will find happiness in every situation.  Life won’t be any easier, but you will be happier and find the peace that you so desperately desire!  It’s simple…It’s not easy!

Watch …  – Online Campus – Archive – Part 4

I wish you all a Blessed and Joy Filled Thanksgiving.

Hugs  Thelma



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