Why Aren’t I Perfect? I Try So Hard!

…is the story of a woman’s life long search for love and security. It is the story of being knocked down and standing back up; facing the ‘secrets of her heart’ and finding forgiveness, not only for others, but for herself.

“The glass slipper was shattered, all the glue in the world could not put it back together again. There were lessons to be learned, suffering to be experienced and a new life to begin; and all the while, I kept thinking about the perfect life I had, why couldn’t I just get back there. Why? Why? Why?”

Walk with her through her life, reveal the secrets in your life and learn that forgiving yourself may be the most powerful weapon you have to defeat the darkness that hides in your heart.

Reveal Your Secrets…Free at Last

You are more!  You are beautiful!  Journey with God through the workbook, learn to follow God’s ways and be free to live a joyous and blessed life…now and for eternity.

Proverbs 3:6
In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths


…..Having known her for years, she was one of those women who seemed to live a charmed life, always happy – everything under control.  She never let on that her life was anything but perfect; yet, in reality, she suffered in silence.  Now she takes the pain of her past and walks with other women into the loving arms of Jesus.  I believe her book can reach thousands of women who will relate and find their victory, as she did, by reaching deep into God’s word and receive healing, restoration, peace and all His blessings…

…..God forgave me, you’ve given me permission to forgive myself. Thank you…

…..As a childhood friend, I saw you as a happy, strong person… I can relate to some things, having also been molested.  I could not tell because of the shame and my self-esteem was at its lowest and stayed there for most of my life.  I, like you, have always known that I belong to God.  I have walked away, but He never left me.  The blessings in my life far outweigh my sorrows.  Even when I threw caution to the wind, He was with me, forgave me, loved and blessed me.  He is an awesome God.  Because of your book, I am moving away from ‘the waiting’ mode, that is waiting for the second coming!  You inspired me to go back to church, to get involved, to be where God wants me to be.  So, yesterday, I began my quest…looking for the body where He wants me, not where I want me!  Bless you…

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I Kissed a Frog and He Changed…Me!

Too many women have made poor decisions and choices and in turn been ridiculed, betrayed and rejected because of them. T. Leone’s new book,      I Kissed a Frog and He Changed…Me!  Restoration of the Heart!, discusses the things that can change a woman and fill her with shame, guilt and pain. She also shares how to break the spell and move forward in God’s love.  “It’s not about what someone has done or what has been done to them, it’s about what Jesus did for everyone.”


“Our heroine discovers that in her search for Prince Charming, her painful past has actually changed her,” states the author. “Too often, we try to present ourselves as perfect and find ourselves afraid to open the truth of our lives to others. Grow with her as you learn how to forgive and leave your past behind, discovering the joy of a Christ-filled life.  Let your past be part of your history and not your identity.”


T. Leone, like so many other women,  spent years hiding behind the walls of her doubt, fear, judgment and poor self-esteem. Through her faith, however, she has grown strong in the knowledge that God has forgiven her and she is passionate about sharing this knowledge with other women. She urges her readers to allow God into their hearts and break the spell of their past lives that holds them captive, then finally live free in God’s love. The author currently resides in Washington State with her husband and volunteers with Life Services, a crisis pregnancy center.




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Also available at:

If you’re not financially able to order the book, but want to journey with me to a new hope in Jesus, please write to me at:   Believing it will be given you!

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