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20 Mar

Whew! I think it’s been nearly a month since I last wrote! We’ve been busy trying to figure it a good balance between work, church, and home. It feels like we have finally found it!

Right now we’re going through a “no” phase. I’ve heard of this, knew it would happen, but secretly hoped MY son would be the one to skip it. (yeah right!) He currently says no to… well, everything! You know how it goes, “want dinner?” “no!”, “want a cracker?” “no!”, “do you know any words besides no? “no!”. Pray for me! :)

On another note, we have officially gotten rid of the corcho (pacifier). It took a lot of cuddles, snuggles, and a bathtime routine to get there, but we did it! :) Talk about a tough, but amazingly rewarding experience- being a mom is the best! And the most tiring! 😉

Hope you have a great week!



16 Feb

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by right now! I blink and two weeks have passed! Priorities are on my heart right now. My little guy has had an interesting week at day care- he’s suddenly very territorial toward his day care provider. For example, he throws a fit if her own child sits on her lap! What?! Who is this tantrum throwing, “noooo” yelling, hitting little boy?! It’s been bothering me quite a bit, lately.

While it’s probably somewhat related to this stage in his life, I realized a couple of days ago that maybe it also has to do with how busy we’ve become over the past few months. Everyday, all week long, he’s at day care. Most evenings we are at home and get to spend a few hours as a family, but one night we have worship practice and if both my husband and I are scheduled, then into the nursery goes baby. Saturdays are usually great family time, but come Sunday morning he’s back in the nursery for practice and service! Five minutes a day is a great plan… IN ADDITION to the time I should already be spending with him.

This week I had to/am having to take a hard look at what I’m investing in and whether or not they are priorities. It’s been and is going to be a struggle for me, but I know that with God’s help I’ll be able to get a good balance of business and family time. Please send any prayers, ideas, suggestions, or thoughts my way- I can certainly use them!

Have a fabulous, blessed week!



Alone Time

24 Jan

The past couple of weeks have been busy (finals week at work), but incredible! At Bible Study a couple of weeks ago I was challenged to spend 5 minutes a day alone with Christ. The goal was to discover who I am outside of my roles of wife, mom, and teacher- who am I as CJ, a daughter of the Most High God?

I can’t even describe the peace, joy, and contentment I have felt this week- I feel like a new woman! I’m more patient with my son, more encouraging of my husband, and just all around happier!

I even began to look at my relationships with my husband and son in the same light. I’ve begun setting aside 5 minutes for my son alone, where he has ALL of my attention (no phone, no tv, nothing but us) and they are 5 of my favorite minutes of the day! I’ve also started spending 5 minutes giving my husband my undivided attention, I hadn’t realized how having a child changed our “couple” time.

I am ecstatic about the changes happening due to this small adjustment in my attitude- it’s not about me! It’s not about whether I’m tired, or annoyed, or embarrassed- it’s about sharing and experiencing the love and grace of Christ! Praise the Lord!

I hope you get the urge to spend just 5 minutes a day investing in your relationship with our Creator- it’ll be your best investment yet!




11 Jan

This week was a more difficult one for us. We lost a dear friend and sister in Christ. She will be sorely missed, but I celebrate with her, knowing that she is dancing with the Creator!

I read an article that suggested that my 18-month-old is ready to hear about death and offered the best ways to go about explaining it… I can’t help feeling that he is too young to understand. Maybe I’m wrong- thoughts? Suggestions?

On a more positive note, we bought a training potty so my son could get used to it- he loves it! He’s already pooped in it twice! Wahoo! I welcome prayers, suggestions and/or tips for this potty training adventure on which I’m about to embark!

Here’s to hopes for a great week and remembering to treasure every minute (even potty moments)!!! God bless!